Sen. Ted Cruz, Tea Party Groups Meet In Houston To Call For Abolition Of IRS

Sen. Ted Cruz was in Houston today where he met with Tea Party groups to talk about the IRS. Cruz hopes to gain momentum from the recent IRS scandal to drastically change America's tax system.

Speaking at the Free Enterprise Institute on the Katy Freeway, Cruz introduced Tea Party groups from the Houston area, Dallas, San Antonio and Waco. All shared their stories about what they say was targeted scrutiny by the IRS when they applied for tax-exempt status.

take America back t shirtsCruz says if anything good can come from that, it is more support for a change in the American tax system.

“And that’s why I believe the most important outcome that can come from this is substantive and policy-based and going forward, and it is quite simply: We should abolish the IRS.” (cheers)

The idea of abolishing the Internal Revenue Service has been a hot topic among some conservatives after it became clear the agency subjected Tea Party and other conservative groups to special scrutiny. Cruz is advocating a flat tax, which would tax everyone the same regardless of income.

Ira Shepherd is a professor emeritus at the University of Houston Law Center. He says it’s not clear what Cruz and others mean by abolishing the IRS.

“Somebody has to run… has to do the function of collecting money from the population and the private sector and turning it over to the federal government.”

But he says over the years, the IRS has been charged with a growing number of tasks, and he endorses breaking the agency up into smaller fragments.


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