METRO Modifies Bus Schedules

METRO is making a number of changes to certain bus routes, including its Park & Ride service. Wendy Siegle reports.

If you’re used to taking the 108 Veterans Memorial bus southbound at 7:04pm on a weekday, you’re going to have to adjust your schedule. That route is one of 53 set to change this Sunday. METRO is altering, adding, and terminating some of the services on these routes, but none of the routes will be cancelled. According to METRO, the majority of the changes are due to low-ridership. METRO’s Raequel Roberts says the modifications are necessary.

“There are some trips that we’re eliminating where we have very, very low ridership — less than ten boardings per trip. And what we want to do is be able to take those resources and put them where we have demand for ridership. We do have routes that are very, very crowded and we want to put our services where they are needed the most, to accommodate our passengers and provide them with the transportation that they need.”

Fourteen Park & Ride routes are affected, including Kingwood, Bay Area, and West Bellfort. Passengers whose bus schedules have changed may have to catch an earlier bus, catch the next bus, or travel further to get another bus. Roberts says METRO worked hard not to leave any of its passengers high and dry.

“Our ridership is fluid and this is a city that changes. And as the needs change, we try to accommodate them, and that’s one of the goals of any service change that we do.”

Roberts says the dollars saved through the service changes will be reallocated to other bus routes as needed. METRO makes changes to its services three times a year. The new bus schedules take effect this Sunday.