Illegal Dumping Plagues the East End

It’s a big problem in the East End — illegal dumping. Houston police officers say they want to put a stop to it and are working with the East End Management District to tackle the mess head on. Wendy Siegle reports.


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Dumping Trash Crew cleaning up lot“Tires, old chairs, old mattresses, every kind of stuff. Basketballs, boards, everything…”

That’s just some of the stuff Crisanta Retana removed from a few vacant lots in the East End. Retana works for the Greater East End Management District which joined forces with police officers from the South Central Patrol Division in an effort to clean up the trash.

“We work closely together whenever they need our help they call us and vice versa. When we need their help, we call them and we work hand in hand to beautify the neighborhood.”

That’s Joe Sanchez says He says the police are also knocking on doors to educate residents about the negative effects illegal dumping can have on their community. He says it spurs crime.

“When people dump illegally in an area criminals see that as an opportunity for them to conduct their criminal activities if no one cares about the area. So they think no one cares, no one’s cleaning up so they don’t care about their houses as well, so we’ll just go see what we can do what we can take, break into, cause they don’t care so they’re not going to call the police.”

Raymond Luevano lives on the same block as the clean-up and says the clean up project is:

“Super! God Bless them!”

At least once a week workers from the Greater East End Management District go around cleaning up illegal dump sites in the area. Luevano is a big fan, and believes tidying the neighborhood is the first step to making his community safer and more harmonious.