Houston Humane Society waiving adoption fees for senior pets through November

The animal shelter is still at critical capacity, and a shelter worker says older pets are perfect for the holidays.

Pasadena Animal Shelter
File photo
Pictured is a dog at a Houston-area animal shelter.

There's one more week to take advantage of a holiday promotion at the Houston Humane Society, which is waiving adoption fees for animals aged 7 years or older.

The shelter said being at capacity means all the animals up for adoption can't always be displayed to visitors. The dogs and cats end up in holding areas that aren't visible, or they have to go to foster homes.

However, the shelter's marketing coordinator, Macey Staes, said some animals need new homes because they are no longer being fostered.

"Now we're seeing those animals age out of that puppy and kitten phase,” she said. “They're being brought back from foster because they're aging out, and that foster needs to take on new bottle babies or new animals that need round-the-clock care."

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, older dogs generally have around a 25% adoption rate while puppies and younger dogs have a 60% adoption rate. Staes said while younger dogs can be fun, older pets are perfect for the holidays.

"Their energy levels are usually a lot lower,” she said. “They're much more like, ‘Let's hang out on the couch. Let's watch some holiday movies, cuddle up with a cup of cocoa, and I'll sit right next to you and be so happy,’ " she said.

Older dogs are also usually already house-trained, Staes said, and can overall be easier to adopt because they are more familiar with the world.

"Those older dogs who are more mature, they're no longer mouthing things just to see what they are, what tastes good, what kind of activity level they're going to have," she said.

On Tuesday, the shelter had their annual Thanksgiving feast for their animals. Staes said the feast is used as an opportunity to let the pets explore different types of foods.

"And the only other thing I can say is if you do end up adopting in the month of November, bring your pet back in December for Santa photos," she said.

Fees are waived for older dogs and cats through the end of the month. The shelter is also providing discounted blood work at their wellness clinic for Senior Pet Wellness Month.