Baker Ripley community center at Pasadena continues to offer assistance after EF-3 tornado

As clean-up and recovery continues in Deer Park and Pasadena, a local community center provides resources for those affected by the twister.

Baker Ripley Community Center is taking donations for those affected by the tornado in Pasadena and Deer Park.
Patricia Ortiz / Houston Public Media
Baker Ripley Community Center is taking donations for those affected by the tornado in Pasadena and Deer Park.

Residents near Pasadena and Deer Park can find guidance and assistance after the EF-3 tornado at the Baker Ripley community center in Pasadena. The tornado was estimated to be more than a half-mile wide and had maximum wind speeds of 140 mph.

The community center is offering food fairs, utility assistance, and a place to use computers for residents whose homes and businesses were damaged by the tornado last week. Frederick Goodall is the Director of Communications at the community center and says more rain this week won't stop recovery and clean-up efforts.

"Certainly there's that anxiety that this may occur again in a short period of time, but our recovery efforts continue," Goodall said. "We're gonna be here for the community, we support the community."

Goodall said monetary donations for the center are appreciated, but any donations help.

"Some things we need immediately are like food and water, some basic clothing items, cleaning items for the household, any household supplies, those are things that are immediate needs for people trying to rebuild their lives right now," Goodall said.

He said cleaning supplies are the most important for those who are still working toward getting their homes the way they used to be.

The community center will be hosting a food fair for fresh fruit and vegetable distribution for victims on Feb. 7 for those in the area who need it. The center recommends those who plan to attend should bring their own box or bag.

Other organizations, such as TAMKO Building Products, have also donated $250,000 to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the tornado. TAMKO is an independent manufacturer of residential roofing shingles.

The Chairman and CEO of TAMKO, David Humphreys, said his hometown was also affected by a tornado in 2011.

"After living through a tornado, you will never be the same," he said. "I know all too well what tornadoes do to towns, businesses, homes, and how they can destroy everything in a matter of moments."

TAMKO's donations to Red Cross will go directly to the disaster relief efforts in Houston.