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Houston Police Department Launches New Spanish-Language Radio Show

The hour-long show will air every Tuesday morning and aims to clarify policing protocol for Houston’s Spanish-speaking communities.

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Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department is launching a Spanish-language radio show on Tuesday, June 18.

The hour-long show will air every Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. on 98.3 FM, a Spanish-language Christian station. The show aims to clarify policing protocol for Houston's Spanish-speaking communities.

The program will cover subjects like family violence, immigration and drunk driving and will end with a 15-minute Q&A call-in segment.

“They can talk to the community [about] what the steps are in filing a report, doing a follow-up for a family violence report,” said Officer Rafael Pantoja, who will co-host the show.

One aspect of the program will be clarifying the police department’s role in enforcing immigration policy.

“The immigration issue is absolutely the Hispanic community's main concern, their biggest fear and their biggest obstacle and it’s obviously an issue that affects quality of life,” he said.

It's vital the immigrant community report crimes and cooperate with police and that they know their right not to reveal their immigration status, according to Pantoja.

“They need to know if they are a victim or a witness to a crime the immigration question cannot be asked,” Pantoja said.

An estimated 1 million Latino immigrants live in the Houston metro area.