Police Arrest Nearly A Dozen MS-13 Gang Members in Connection with Houston-Area Murders

The arrests are related to five separate murders that occurred in the region

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo (first from the right) fields questions on the arrest of suspected MS-13 gang members.

Ten of 11 suspects charged in connection to murders committed by the MS-13 gang have been taken into custody by law enforcement in the Houston area. A warrant is out for the suspect who isn’t in custody and police say they expect to make more arrests. 

The arrests are connected to five murders that occurred in the Houston region from May through August of 2018. Details of each case can be read by clicking on markers within the map featured below. 

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said there are around 400 recorded MS-13 members in Houston, and 800 in the region. The notorious Central American gang is one of many organized crime operations in the area. There are some 20,000 gang members in Houston, according to Acevedo. 

“Those transnational gangs bring a lot of crime into our community,” said Acevedo at a press conference “including the human trafficking piece, the drug trafficking piece, the gun trafficking piece, and when they do act out, they are extremely violent.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety ranked MS-13 as among the gangs posing the biggest threat to public safety in Texas in a report.

This photo shows photos of nine MS-13 suspects apprehended specifically by the Houston Police Department.