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LISTEN: A Family Leader, A Role Model And A Literacy Champion: Houstonians Talk About Barbara Bush

Houston Public Media asks “What do you remember about Barbara Bush?”


Mrs. George Bush walking on New York’s Park Avenue, April 13, 1971. (AP Photo)

With the news of Barbara Bush’s death at 92 on Tuesday, Houston Public Media asked locals about their memory of the former first lady. We went out along a trail at Memorial Park, where the former First Lady and former President George H. W. Bush used to jog.

"It's a sad day, she was a great first lady, I think she brought a lot to the White House, I think she brought a lot to the nation, particularly in terms of what she did with education and literacy. And, you know, she's an icon and an example for everyone I think," said Bob Kalin.

“I think she was one who kind of spoke her mind. You know what I mean? She didn't really... I don't want to say conform, but she kind of paved her own way as First Lady. But yeah she gave me empowerment as a woman to believe that I can do anything, regardless of race, color, creed,” said Bridgett Joe.

"I think that when we look at where we are politically today, I think we need another family like that, another leader like that, another leader of families to step up and lead the country. I think she was definitely a leader in that family and the sons pulled those leadership qualities from her, no question. She led by example," said Eric Justason.

“At the office — I was cleaning the office — and I wanted to throw out a newspaper and they said "Oh, no, hold on! This has a picture of Barbara Bush!" And my boss said he wanted to keep it,” said Gaza Badasz.

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