Hurricane Harvey

Texas Hotels Fill Up With Evacuees, Many Houstonians Skip Town

Flooding and potential power outages were the main concern

Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas hotels were filling up with evacuees on Saturday as a result of Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas on Friday night as a category 3 storm and was later downgraded to a category 1.
Despite no evacuation orders in the Houston area, some Houstonians decided to skip town anyway.
Philip Larson, from The Woodlands, ended up in Dallas. He said he couldn't risk staying home: “Being stranded in the house, maybe damage and not having electricity: my parents are in their 80s and I thought, probably be the wisest thing just to get them out of town.”
Perla Licona also headed to Dallas with 15 of her family members. She lives in Pasadena.
“My house is in a flood zone so we just decided to ‘don’t risk it, i have a baby”, Licona said. “And we are just going for a few days to Dallas.”
Licona added that she got 3 feet of water in her house during tropical storm Allison, in 2001. She was worried that it could happen again, but she'd rather not be stuck there if it did, she said.