Houston region gets fifth area code — 621; expected to be active by 2025

The new area code number is expected to accommodate new phone numbers for nine years, according to the commission.

The downtown Houston skyline.
Lucio Vasquez / Houston Public Media
The downtown Houston skyline.

Houston will be receiving another area code, the Public Utility Commission of Texas announced on Wednesday.

The 621 area code, which will be created to temporarily accommodate the city’s booming population growth, will not affect existing phone numbers.

The area is expected to run out of new phone numbers starting with the current area codes by 2025, according to the commission. Houston already has four area codes, 621 will be the fifth.

“Once telecommunications carriers have exhausted all telephone numbers with the current 281/346/713/832 area codes, new numbers will be assigned the new area code 621,” according to the commission. “This new code is expected to meet numbering needs for an additional nine years.”

Houston’s first area code, 713, was created in 1947, and other area codes came along in the 1990s. The city received its latest area code, 346, in 2013.

“Houston— and all of Texas— continues to grow because our state offers freedom and opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world,” Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement. “This new phone area code is a testament to the economic strength and quality of life in the greater Houston area.”