Potential Columbia Tap Trail cyclist attacks suspects identified by Houston police

Officials declined further details on the arrest while the case remains active.


A man rides a bicycle Tuesday along the Columbia Tap Trail in Houston’s Third Ward.

Two teen suspects have been charged for a series of violent attacks on a Third Ward bike trail.

There are at least three suspects who have been identified for the attacks at the Columbia Tap Trail, according to police. Officials said the two suspects who were arrested were found at the Cuney Homes in the Third Ward.

Officials declined further details on the arrest while the case remains active.

Council Member Carolyn Evans-Shabazz said those who are thinking of participating in similar activities should think otherwise.

"Young people, you still have an opportunity to change the trajectory of your lives," she said. "There are supports, job opportunities, for you to go out so that you can get gainful employment."

Houston Police Department's Chief Troy Finner encourages locals to continue to use the bike trails as security in the area increases.

"Some officers you will see and recognize in uniforms, some you won't," he said. "And that's the message that we're sending to all of these individuals."

HPD's increased presence in the area is part of an effort to prevent future incidents, Finner said.

Most crimes in Houston, such as the robberies on the trail, have seen a recent decline according to HPD. However, Finner said a recent uptick in jugging incidents could be related to a decrease in catalytic theft.

“Some of those suspects, after laws are changed and we’re clamping down on it, prices going down, so they may be moving over. And it’s my job as a chief, and our job as a team to move with them," he said.

Finner said HPD is establishing a taskforce dedicated to jugging incidents. HPD asks the public to be hyper-aware of their surroundings especially at banks, gun ranges, high-end retail stores, and jewelry stores.

Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz


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