Houston Zoo finds intentional cut to mesh fencing of pelican habitat

The vandalization of the Houston Zoo’s Brown Pelican habitat comes after several animals were stolen from a zoo in Dallas.


Officials at the Houston Zoo are sending a strong warning to anyone who messes with their animals in their care.

Officials at the Houston Zoo say they will seek charges against anyone who puts the animals in their care in danger after experiencing some strange activity.

Earlier this week, animal keepers at the zoo noticed a gap of about 4 inches in the protective mesh that covers the Brown Pelican habitat that is in the Children's Zoo area. After making sure the animals in the exhibit were all still there and safe, the zoo's security team determined the gash in the fence's exhibit appeared to be from an act of vandalism. The Houston Police Department also sent officer to check the area.

In an official statement from the Houston Zoo it said:

"We will not tolerate the theft or endangerment of any of our animals, big or small. These animals represent their wild counterparts and are entirely dependent upon the expert care of our staff. Actions that threaten that care are unacceptable, dangerous, and criminal."

The incident comes after several monkeys at the Dallas Zoo were stolen and later found in an abandoned home last month. The Dallas Police arrested Davion Irvin, 24 in connection to the incidents. Police arrested Irvin near, The Dallas Aquarium, after he had been at the aquarium asking about the animals.

Court documents show that Irvin told police he took the two empire tamarin monkeys named Bella and Finn from the Dallas Zoo. He also said he loves animals and that if he's released from jail, he would steal more.

Irvin is charged with six counts of animal cruelty and two counts of burglary. He remains at the Dallas County jail.

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