‘No Water, No Rent’: Houstonians Risk Eviction To Organize Rent Strike Following Winter Storm

After two weeks without water, tenants decided on a strike.

Jen Rice/Houston Public Media
Residents in West Houston meet to organize a rent strike.

While many Houstonians recovered from winter storm damages within days, others are still waiting for running water to be restored.

But at the Villas del Paseo apartment complex in West Houston, renters were without water for more than three weeks.

Organizers with the Houston Tenants Union say about half of residents in the 383-unit complex are participating in a rent strike after deciding not to pay rent on March 1. So far, they say none of the residents have gotten an eviction notice.

Ally Torres urged her neighbors to join the strike at a community meeting last weekend.

"Call your neighbors, let's participate, okay?" Torres said, leading the group in chanting "no water, no rent."

Ally Torres and her neighbors at Villas del Paseo at a community meeting.
Jen Rice/Houston Public Media