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INTERACTIVE MAP: See Your Texas School District’s Vaccination Rate

Find what percentage of your school district is vaccinated on this statewide map created by News 88.7.

In 72 school districts across Texas, less than 90% of kindergartners have the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, according to data provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services and analyzed by News 88.7.

The data includes coverage levels for a variety of required vaccines, such as polio, chickenpox and whooping cough (pertussis). Coverage levels represent the percentage of students who have received each required vaccine for the 2018-19 school year.

The Centers for Disease Control aims for 95% vaccine coverage among kindergartners, but many school districts fall well short of that goal. In the Houston area, Galveston ISD’s coverage levels among kindergartners are below 90% for every vaccine reported to the state health department except hepatitis B.

Vaccine coverage rates are often lower in rural areas. In three districts in northwest Texas — Guthrie Common School District, Turkey-Quitaque ISD and Meadow ISD — rates are below 60% on average among kindergartners. In Seminole ISD and Loop ISD, which are between Odessa and Lubbock, coverage rates are around 80%. Elsewhere, coverage rates are low in the central Texas hill country and in east Texas north of Beaumont.

While so-called “conscientious exemptions” — waivers that allow those with religious or moral objections to attend school without receiving the required immunizations — are on the rise statewide, Meadow ISD reported no conscientious exemptions to the state. At Loop ISD and Seminole ISD, however, exemption rates did exceed 10%.

The maps below show vaccine coverage rates for nearly every school district in Texas — 94% of school districts reported coverage levels to the state. The average vaccine coverage rate represents the average coverage for all required vaccines. The state did not report total coverage rates — the percentage of children with every required vaccine — for all school districts.

The first map shows vaccination rates among kindergartners, while the second shows rates among seventh-graders. Greens represent coverage rates above 90%, yellows represent coverage rates near 90% and oranges and reds represent coverage rates below that.


Seventh Grade