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DA To Ask For More Staff For Case Review Involving Officer In Deadly Drug Raid

Kim Ogg says she will collaborate on the civil rights investigation launched by the FBI.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Thursday she will again ask for funding to hire additional prosecutors and investigators, citing the need to review more than 1,400 cases involving Gerald Goines, the Houston police officer who led a deadly drug raid on January 28.

The move comes after Ogg failed to secure an extra $20 million for her department’s budget from the Harris County Commissioners Court to hire 102 additional prosecutors and deal with a significant backlog. The commissioners voted against her request.

Ogg says that her current staff can handle the 27 active cases involving Goines, but she needs additional staff given all the cases spanning his career.

“We can get there with the under-staffing that we have. It’s just going to take longer and I think most in Harris County want these cases resolved now,” said Ogg, though she added the review will be done regardless of getting more staff.

Her push for more prosecutors is part of the fallout from a deadly January drug raid that left two people dead and five officers injured. Goines has been released from the hospital but is still recovering from being shot. His own department thinks he lied during the investigation that led to the raid. Earlier this week, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said he’s “confident” criminal charges against one or more officers will be filed.

As for the case review, Ogg dismissed the idea of hiring temporary staff because she said they need “trusted, trained prosecutors who understand our system” reviewing the cases.

The district attorney also talked about the civil rights investigation the FBI has launched into the no-knock raid.

“We will collaborate, of course, as we do,” said Ogg. “We will share information as we do, and we look forward to as fast a resolution on this case as justice will allow.”

You can watch Ogg’s press conference by clicking here.


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