Fort Bend

Fort Bend County to begin work on mobility projects following 2023 bond

Engineers estimate that the county will spend up to $175 million in bond funds this year on mobility projects.

Fort Bend County will start about 93 mobility projects this year, after voters approved more than $700 million in funding.

Fort Bend County engineers estimate the county will spend up to $175 million in bond funds on mobility projects this year – more than double its spending last year.

Fort Bend County voters approved roughly $712 million in funding for mobility projects last year, part of the largest bond in the county's history.

About $245 million was earmarked for projects that were already under way.

But the county is also slated to start about 93 new mobility projects this year. The county will finish spending bonds from 2017 and 2020 before dipping into the 2023 funds.

The county has several projects along State Highway 99, which connects Fort Bend to parts of the north Houston metro area, like Spring.

Ike Akinwande is the assistant county engineer for Fort Bend. He said the increased spending this year is due to large projects that will be going into construction.

"People need to have ways to get from their home, to dropping their kids off at school, then from there to go into work," Akinwande said. "This is meant to help alleviate some of the traffic that comes along with the growing Fort Bend County and also provide a lot of safety improvements to make sure that people get where they need to be safely."