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Rosenberg voters approve bond for emergency services and public works complexes

Voters also approved 51 amendments modernizing the city charter’s language.

City of Rosenberg (City of Rosenberg)
City of Rosenberg (City of Rosenberg)

Rosenberg voters have approved a bond package with funding for an emergency services complex and a public services complex.

Rosenberg voters approved $18.5 million in funding for an emergency services complex that will include Fire Station No. 4, as well as an emergency operations center and fire department administrative offices.

The city is currently leasing property from the county for the fire station and administrative offices. However, the county has other plans for the property and told the city it would not renew its lease when it expires in 2029. The emergency operations center was formerly located at the police station, but that room is now being used for patrol officers and the station no longer had room for an emergency operations center.

The new emergency services complex will be located at Fairgrounds Road and Highway 36 near the Rosenberg Civic Center

Voters also approved $33 million in funding for a complex to house Public Works, Utilities, Parks and other departments. The complex is planned to be located on Airport Avenue, next to the current parks department building.

The emergency services bond proposition polled about 64% approval while the public services funding polled about 53% approval.

Additionally, voters approved all 51 amendments to the city's charter. The amendments modernize the charter and take out language that has become obsolete, but for the most part, do not impact the city's day-to-day operations.