Houston ISD’s Stevenson Middle School beefs up security after social media threat

An arrest was made in connection to a threatening social media post on Monday night, according to a letter sent to parents by the school principal. A Stevenson parent says they are keeping their child out of school until more details are provided.

Stevenson Middle School
Photo via Houston ISD
Stevenson Middle School is a Houston ISD school located at 9595 Winkler Dr.

A Houston ISD middle school has increased its police presence on campus and is screening student backpacks in response to a threat made on social media earlier this week.

An arrest was made in connection to the threatening social media post on Monday evening, according to an email sent to parents by Stevenson Middle School principal Margaret Randall, which was provided to Houston Public Media by Houston ISD. Starting Wednesday, the southeast Houston campus at 9595 Winkler Dr. announced it was screening students' backpacks and athletic bags upon their arrival.

Backpacks will be screened at Stevenson throughout the rest of the week, according to the email sent by Randall, who also told parents there would be more police officers on campus.

"I do believe the searching of the backpacks is due to the threat," a Stevenson Middle School parent, who asked to remain anonymous, said Wednesday. "But because the principal has not given out any further details from this incident, my child has not returned to school just yet."

Houston ISD spokesperson Joseph Sam declined to say whether it was a student who was arrested, citing privacy concerns, and deferred to the Houston Police Department (HPD) when asked for more details about the threat and the arrest. HPD spokesperson Victor Senties said the department received a call for service to Stevenson on Monday night but referred the matter to school district police.

The campus did not need to be locked down or evacuated because the threat was made at night when the school was closed, according to Sam.

"No one was hurt. No one was injured," Sam said. "It was just a threat. We just took precautions."