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Local Teacher Advocate Group Calls For Higher Teacher Pay

Texas is rolling out new school finance rules and the Houston School board meets Tuesday to discuss how to spend millions in additional funding.

The scheduled salary increases for HISD teachers, based on years of experience, will cost about $5 million.
Teacher pay is the lowest in HISD compared to other school districts in the region.

The Houston Federation of Teachers and an HISD board trustee are calling for all additional school funding — about $135 million — to be put towards salary raises for teachers and support staff.

Teachers are urging the school board to put the money towards salaries to fix the inequity in pay they face compared to teachers in other districts.

Federation president Zeph Capo told Houston Matters that HISD teachers’ pay is the lowest among other school districts in the area, and much lower than the national average.

“Because of the way HISD has prioritized how they spend their dollars, our teacher and students end up being last,” he said.

There are many competing needs in the district and Capo said he’s concerned teacher salaries might not be a priority.

Listen to the full interview with Capo in the audio above.