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Students In Another Houston Area School District May Get To Sleep In A Little Later

Following the lead of HISD, another school district is considering later start times for classes. Officials in Baytown have been getting feedback from parents, teachers, and students on both sides of the issue.

Goose Creek school officials say they’re considering the later start times based on research showing teens do better in class when they don’t have to get up as early.

The Goose Creek CISD Board of Trustees is now asking the district’s administration to develop a plan where no elementary school would start before 7:30 AM. And no high school would begin classes before 8:15 AM.

Yen Rabe is a teacher at nearby Pasadena High School. She’s also the local coordinator of the group “Start School Later.” Rabe says she sees all kinds of problems in her classes as a result of a 7:15 start time. For one, she says kids usually don’t have time to eat breakfast.

“So when they come in they’re not ready to learn,” said Rabe. “They’re still sleepy. The students are not paying attention. Rather they’re just sitting there blank, staring.”

But some parents and students don’t think a later start time will change anything. Brandon Rupp is a freshman at Goose Creek Memorial High School.

“If I’m telling the truth, students will just stay up an hour later,” said Rupp. “Because it will move back everything, causing the homework that they do, the life that they live, and all the stuff that they do to also be moved back an hour.”

And mom Laura Rupp worries about students who have to handle adult responsibilities along with their studies.

"Some of these kids, they work after school to help pay the bills,” she added. “And these teenagers need to have a job and they already get home late as it is."

A final decision on next year’s Baytown school schedules in Baytown is expected this spring.


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