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Over 50 individuals arrested with felony warrants in Fort Bend County in May

Seven gang members were arrested during an operation in Fort Bend county in May.


Courtesy of the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office

Operation Hawthorne, an operation focused on arresting violent offenders with outstanding warrants and gang members, led to over 50 individuals arrested in May.

Mark Hanna is from the special crimes division in Fort Bend's District Attorney's office. He said many of the individuals had multiple offenses.

"A judge had been convinced that they committed the crimes and then warranted issue for their arrest," he said.

While there were around 50 arrests, Hanna said there were 80 felony warrants.

"[This] meant that some of those arrestees had multiple offenses for which they were wanted," he said.

Damaris Arce is the gang investigator with the District Attorney's office. She said some of the warrants included aggravated crimes, sexual assaults, crimes against children, narcotics, firearms, and murder charges.

"We also had five out-of-state fugitives that were apprehended during Operation Hawthorne," she said. "Fort Bend County is not a safe haven. You're out of state, out of county, and you're coming here to hide, it's not a safe haven."

Seven gang members were arrested during the operation, according to Arce. She said the operation was named to represent the month of May, and took place between May 3 and June 10.

Fort Bend authorities said they plan on having more operations like this one in the future.

Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz


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