Millions of HCA Healthcare patients, including those in Houston, had personal info stolen

The Nashville-based healthcare provider, which operates 13 hospitals in the Houston area, says approximately 11 million patients were impacted by a data breach.

HCA Healthcare hospital Houston
HCA Healthcare
HCA Healthcare announced that there was a data breach where millions of patients’ information had been compromised.

Personal information about approximately 11 million patients of HCA Healthcare, which operates more than 10 hospitals in the Houston area, was stolen and posted online earlier this month, the nationwide healthcare provider announced this week.

The data breach involved patients' names, addresses, contact information, dates of births and genders, along with information about the medical services they received and upcoming appointments, according to HCA Healthcare, which said the information was posted in an online forum on July 5. The unauthorized list did not include payment information, clinical information such as patients' conditions and treatments or sensitive personal information, such as passwords, driver's license numbers or social security numbers, the company said in a Monday news release posted to its website.

"We are working as quickly as possible to identity and contact the patients whose data was impacted by this data security incident," HCA Healthcare says on its website. "If you are one of those patients, we expect to mail you a notification letter, in the coming weeks, that will provide you with additional information as well as offer complimentary credit monitoring and identify protection services."

HCA Healthcare, which is based in Nashville and operates 180 hospitals and 2,300 other facilities in 20 U.S. states and the United Kingdom, said the stolen data "appears to be a theft from an external storage location exclusively used to automate the formatting of email messages." The company said there have been no related disruptions in its services or day-to-day operations and that it does not think the incident "will materially impact its business, operations or financial results."

HCA Healthcare also said it is investigating the data breach and has reported it to law enforcement.

Forty-six HCA Healthcare locations in Texas were impacted by the breach, including 13 in the Houston area, according to the company. It operates 11 HCA Houston hospitals in the region in addition to the Woman's Hospital of Texas and Texas Orthopedic Hospital.