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The Number Of Human Trafficking Cases Has More Than Doubled In Harris County

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said she’s prioritizing human trafficking prosecutions.

Gail Delaughter | Houston Public Media
Harris County DA Kim Ogg at a press conference in 2018.

In 2019, Harris County filed 266 human trafficking or promotion of prostitution cases, up from just 106 cases three years earlier.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said that's because her office is prioritizing human trafficking prosecutions.

"This is significant,” Ogg said. “So if you're in this business, if you're running women or men on the Bissonnet track, if you insist on trying to exploit the vulnerable, just know we're coming after you."

Since 2016, law enforcement in the area has made more than 600 arrests in these types of cases.

Crime Stoppers and local officials are currently asking the public for help to locate nine individuals wanted for human trafficking crimes in Harris County. You can report a tip via the Crime Stoppers website, here, or by calling 713-222-TIPS.


Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Rahsaan Joshua Benton is wanted for Trafficking of Persons. Benton trafficked a 24-year-old in several states including Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and in Texas. He posted numerous sex ads in these states while compelling prostitution from the victim. He is also known by his street name ‘Sunny Jones".

B/M, Bro/Blk, 06-14-1982
5'11"- 175 lbs
War# 1635547- Trafficking Person-Benefits/Force/Fraud
War# 1635546- Compelling Prostitution by force/Threat/Fraud

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Otis Calvin Berry, also known as Lee Berry is wanted for Sexual Assault of a Child, Trafficking of Persons and Compelling Prostitution. Benton forced a 16 year-old female to work as a prostitute and would often deprive her of food and water if she did not meet her money quota. He also supplied her with drugs and alcohol and threatened her he knew where her family lived. He also goes by the name "Big Face Tulu".

B/M, Bro/Blk, 09-05-1970
5'9"- 210 lbs
War# 1653384- Trafficking Child Prohibited
War# 1653879- Trafficking Child Prohibited
War# 1653882- Compelling Prostitution
War# 1653883- Compelling Prostitution
War#1653877- Sex Assault Child 14-17 w/3 additional traffic warrants

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Willie James Brumfield is wanted for Trafficking of Persons/Compelling Prostitution. He met his victim on Instagram & began transporting her all over hotel rooms around Harris County. She was threatened with physical violence if she did not meet her $1,000 a day quota.

B/M, Bro/ Blk ,06-15-1999
6'3", 140lbs
War# 1583509- Trafficking of Child Prohibited
War# 1583508- Compelling Prostitution
War# 1649002- Aggravated Robbery- Deadly Weapon
War# 2197261- Evading Arrest/Detention

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Imani Jean-Marie Cole is wanted for Trafficking of Persons/Compelling Prostitution. Cole transported a person under the age of 18. She was on a PR Bond for the above when charged with another Felony—Possession of a Controlled Substance.

B/F, Bro/Blk, 02-07-1997
5'3, 170lbs
War # 1651064- Trafficking Child Prohibited
War# 1651065- Compelling Prostitution
War# 1652959- Possession Cs PG 1<1G w/3 additional traffic warrants

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Mikia Collins is wanted for Trafficking of Persons/Compelling Prostitution Force. Collins forced a victim to prostitute herself through force, fraud and coercion. She was on two PR Bonds for the above and tested positive numerous times for drugs.

B/F, Bro/Blk, 05-18-1999
5'5- 140lbs
War# 1618330- Trafficking Person Prohibited/Cond/Force/Fraud
War# 1618329- Compel Prostitution by Force/ Threat /Fraud

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Kourtney Michelle Dean is wanted for Compelling Prostitution/ Aggravated Promotion Prostitution. Dean recruited underage females to engage in prostitution. She took provocative pictures of underage victims to post them on a site called Megapersonals. She posted 394 ads from April-June 2019 using sexually provocative pictures and language to engage in prostitution. She also transported victims across state lines.

W/F, Haz/Red, 09-09-1993
5'4"- 220 lbs
War# 1656768- Trafficking of Child Prohibited
War# 1656769- Compelling Prostitution
War# 1656770- Aggravated Promotion Prostitution
War# 2281614- Prostitution- Non Public

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Ashley Espinoza is wanted for Trafficking Persons/Compelling Prostitution. Espinoza used force, fraud and coercion to compel victim to prostitute herself. The victim was told "you're mine now and you're going to make a lot of money". Victim escaped by hiding in the hotel lobby while the suspect was looking for her.

W/F, Bro/Blk, 09-14-96
5'6"-140 lbs
War# 1648117- Trafficking Person Prohibited Conduct
War# 1648118- Compelling Prostitution by Force/Threat/ Fraud

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Marquis Dominic Holmes is wanted for Trafficking of Persons/Compelling Prostitution by Force. Holmes forced victims into prostitution. He was previously convicted of Aggravated Robbery.

B/M, Bro/Blk, 10-04-1990
5'10"- 165lbs
War# 1585560- Trafficking of Persons
War# 1585558- Trafficking of Persons
War# 1585557- Trafficking of Persons
War# 1585559- Compel Prostitution by Force/Threat/ Fraud
War# 1585561- Aggravated Promotion Prostitution

Courtesy of Crime Stoppers

Davian Samuel Rollins is wanted for Trafficking of Persons/Compelling Prostitution/ Escape/ Assault. Rollins has a criminal history from California. He transported underage victim from Las Vegas to make money by prostituting herself for him. On at least one occasion he choked the victim where she felt like she was going to die. He was taken into custody but despite being handcuffed he managed to escape on foot across moving lanes of the 10500 block of W Sam Houston Tollway.

B/M , Bro/Blk, 07-09-1990
War# 1580500- Trafficking of Child Prohibited
War# 1580502- Compelling Prostitution
War# 1580499- Escape-While Arrest/Confined
War# 1580498- Assault Family/House Member/ Impeding Breath

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