Houston Police Chief Promises ‘Complete Review’ After Cruiser Hits, Kills Man

The crash prompted residents to question HPD policy.

Houston police officers on duty in 2017.

Houston’s police chief said an investigation will include “a complete review of department policy” after a squad car hit and killed a cyclist Tuesday night.

The man was traveling westbound on Wayside Drive and failed to yield to the right of way before crossing the street, police say. That’s when a patrol vehicle traveling southbound struck and killed him.

Officers were responding to reports of a suicide in progress, a “priority two” call, but did not have lights or sirens turned on. In a statement, police chief Art Acevedo said that was in line with department policy.

“The standard patrol response to priority two calls is that no emergency lights or siren shall be used unless the officer has additional information justifying the use of emergency equipment,” Acevedo said. “In [Tuesday] night’s call, emergency equipment was not activated.” 

The crash was captured on a civilian dash camera and circulated online. Police have not released the name of the man, but media outlets have identified him as 29-year-old Dwayne Foreman.

In media interviews, neighbors and Foreman’s family criticized the policy, saying he would have known the squad car was coming and would not have tried to cross the street had officers used lights and sirens. 

It’s still unknown how fast the squad car was going before the collision and if officers were speeding. Investigators will create a reconstruction of the crash to determine that information.


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