Mayoral Candidate Bill King Unveils Ethics Reform Plan

The seven-point proposal would restrict campaign donations.

Mayoral candidate Bill King announced his plan to reform ethics at the City of Houston on June 11, 2019, during a news conference.

One of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s election opponents is making ethics reform a top campaign issue. Bill King unveiled this week a seven-point plan he said would improve transparency and accountability at City Hall.

King said the city’s office of the Inspector General needs to be more independent. They investigate allegations of employee misconduct, and possible wage theft.

“Currently the Inspector General reports to the city attorney which reports to the mayor,” he said, “which means that nothing gets investigated that the mayor doesn’t want to have investigated.”

King said the inspector general should report not only to the mayor, but also the city controller and one representative from the city council.

In addition, he said he would restrict campaign donations from people who do business with the city to $500 per year. He would also ban contributions from people who serve on city boards and management districts.