San Jacinto History Museum Seeks Donations To Recover Revenue Lost After Deer Park Fire

The Texas historical site is getting back on its feet after being closed for weeks.

The San Jacinto historical monument in La Porte, Texas.

The San Jacinto Museum of History and Monument is set to reopen Wednesday, May 8 after being closed for seven weeks due to the chemical fire in Deer Park

In conjunction with the reopening, the museum has also launched a fundraising campaign to recover revenue lost during the closure.

Museum president Larry Spasic said closing their doors cost them some $225,000, which is about a fifth of their annual budget.

“We do not receive state or federal funds for our budget and we also do not charge an admission fee to our museum,” said Spasic.

“We have very modest fees for things within our museum, so our traffic drives our budget,” he said. 

Spasic also said closures happened during spring break, one of their busiest weeks.

The museum has set a fundraising goal of $250,000 to regain lost revenue. Spasic said he’s hopeful they’ll meet their goal. 

The San Jacinto museum and monument commemorate the Battle of San Jacinto, where Texan revolutionaries won the state’s war of independence from Mexico. 

A San Jacinto Day festival and battle re-enactment are held each year in April at the site. This year’s re-enactment, scheduled for April 13, was canceled due to the Deer Park chemical fire.