Judge Extends Restraining Order Halting Implementation Of Proposition B

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo testified at a hearing on the litigation and said HPD would have to slash between 600 and 800 positions if Prop B is upheld.

Fire trucks
HFD vehicles parked at Houston City Hall.

The restraining order that is halting the implementation of Proposition B has been extended, KPRC Channel 2 reported Friday.

Back in November, voters approved Proposition B, which entails amending the City’s charter to establish pay parity between the Houston police and fire departments.

Judge Kristen Brauchle Hawkins decided to extend the restraining order at a hearing held in Houston regarding the ongoing litigation about Prop B.

Police Chief Art Acevedo testified that, if Proposition B is upheld, his department will have to slash its workforce in order to help pay the firefighters’ raises.

“It’s a range of anywhere from 600 positions that we’d have to eliminate – which will be a combination of cadets, probationary police officers, and officers already off probation – all the way up to 800. So it’ll be pretty devastating.”

District Court Judge Randy Wilson will rule on whether to lift the injunction or make it permanent. That ruling could come at any time, but the judge is under no set deadline.