Family Of Murdered Teen Says He May Have Been Targeted Through Instagram

A spokesperson for the family of De’Lindsey Mack, a Lamar High School student who was killed last week in the River Oaks area, called his Instagram account an “alternate persona.”

Dwight Mack, father of De’Lindsey Mack (second from right), speaks at a press conference held Nov. 19, 2018, to address his son’s social media accounts.

The family of the 18-year-old student shot and killed outside Lamar High School last week says he may have been targeted based on his Instagram account. 

De’Lindsey Mack’s family says they have found an Instagram account of his that they previously didn’t know existed. They say he posted pictures of himself on the account with his father’s guns and money and also interacted with people they think are gang members.

In reality, the family says, that is not who De’Lindsey was.

De’Lindsey Mack.

“It’s sad that someone can create a persona on social media to make someone hate them that bad,” De’Lindsey’s father, Dwight Mack, said at a press conference Monday. “These are simple words and pictures.”

Family pastor DZ Cofield said parents need to keep a better eye on their children’s social media accounts, calling De’Lindsey’s Instagram an “alternate persona.” 

“We have a generation of people who live for the like, and when I say live for the like, they want the heart, they want the thumbs up, and so now you post that and now somehow people think oh wow, you’re hard. And you put the gun back where your father keeps it, you put his money back where it belongs, but that’s the image that you present,” Cofield said.

A funeral service for De’Lindsey Mack will be held Tuesday at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church at 11 a.m. and will be open to the public.

The family is asking anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.


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