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Texas Congressional Candidate’s Staffer Cited for Disturbing Peace

Democratic candidate Mike Siegel says the staffer was just trying to deliver a letter

Waller County Elections Administrator's Office.

The campaign for congressional candidate Mike Siegel said one of their staffers was arrested this week after he delivered a letter to the Waller County Elections Administrator’s Office.

The campaign for Siegel, a Democrat running for Texas' 10th Congressional district, said Jacob Aronowitz was arrested Wednesday and charged with failure to identify.

The campaign added law enforcement detained Aronowitz after he took a photo to prove the letter had been received.

Siegel said the letter demanded the county fix Prairie View A&M students' voter registration forms after a last minute policy change which allowed students to choose from two addresses for their voter registrations. But the county changed it to just one address two weeks before the voter registration deadline.

Siegel said this change in policy will discourage students from voting.

News 88.7 reached out to the Waller County Sheriff's office for comment. Captain Manuel Zamora said Aronowitz was not arrested, but given a Class-C citation and is scheduled to appear in court in 30 days.

Zamora said officers responded to a "breach of peace" at the Elections Administrators Office after an administrator complained about Aronowitz taking excessive photographs of her and then refusing to delete them.