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Houston Astros Release Statement Regarding Papa John’s

In a statement released, the Astros said that Schantter’s remarks don’t reflect the team’s mission and values.


The Houston Astros released a statement Thursday night addressing the controversy over racist comments made by made by John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John's pizza.

The team has had a ten-year partnership with the Houston Pizza Venture, the company that owns the local Papa John's franchises.

"The Astros are incredibly disappointed with the statements made by Papa John's founder John Schnatter. We do not condone discrimination in any context and his comments do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization. The Astros are proud of our 10-year partnership with Houston Pizza Venture, a local Houston business and owner of the local franchises. We feel confident that the local franchisees and their employees share the Astros commitment to diversity and inclusiveness," the Astros said in the statement released.

Houston Pizza Venture owner Keith Sullins also condemned Schnatter's remarks.

"At Houston Pizza Venture, we believe in tolerance and equality, states Owner and President Keith Sullins. "I want everyone in the city of Houston to know that Mr. Schnatter's statements are indefensible and in no way represent the views of anyone in our company," said in the statement released.