Another Former Cheerleader Joins Lawsuit Against Houston Texans

They allege gender discrimination, assault and lost wages

Another former cheerleader has joined a lawsuit against the Houston Texans.

Angelina Rosa is the sixth former Texans cheerleader in the suit filed by well-known attorney Gloria Allred.

At a news conference held in New York Friday morning, Rosa said she was body-shamed and forced to use duct-tape on her body.

“My skin on the side was pulled down – and it’s very hard to do because I’m not a bigger-weight person – it was pulled down and with the tape taped under my short, just to slim out the area right here,” she said under tears, pointing at her waist area.

The lawsuit alleges assault, sexual harassment and violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, among other charges.

It’s one of two similar lawsuits against the team. The Texans are asking for an order that both cases be submitted to arbitration under the supervision of the NFL commissioner.


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