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Suicide Rates Climbing In Almost Every State, Including Texas: CDC

Firearms are the most common method of suicide, according to the CDC


Suicide rates are rising in almost every state including Texas, according to a new report that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Friday.

Between 1999 and 2016, suicide cases have soared across the country, and in Texas the increase was almost 19 percent.



The CDC found firearms were the most common method of suicide.

John Madigan with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says that's why they're working with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to distribute information at gun stores in Texas. "And it's not about confiscating and taking guns away, but simply educating,” says Madigan. “If your son John is diagnosed with depression and you're a gun owning family in Texas, what's your family's plan to lock the weapon in a safe place?"

The expert says they're also pushing the state legislature next year to adopt a law requiring mental health professionals be trained in suicide prevention.

Deaths by suicide have come to the forefront of public discussion again this week after two celebrities, fashion designer Kate Spade and renowned TV chef Anthony Bourdain, died by suicide. Bourdain died on Friday while he was in France working on an episode of his CNN series Parts Unknown.