Judge’s Order Temporarily Bans Bombshells Restaurant On I-45 From Serving Alcohol

Harris County DA Kim Ogg notes the establishment is linked to dozens of arrests

Bombshells location on I-45 near Fuqua Street.

District Judge Steven Kirkland has issued a temporary restraining order that bans the restaurant and bar Bombshells, located near the intersection of I-45 and Fuqua Street, in southeast Houston, to serve alcohol, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Wednesday.

In a news release, Ogg described Bombshells as a “crime factory,” linked to “dozens of arrests for drunk driving, assaults and at least one death.”

The DA’s action, according to the news release, is the latest step by a new task force that “begins its work at the scenes of drunk-driving crashes, and works backward to determine when and where alcohol was obtained.”

A motion filed by the DA’s office contends that the Bombshells located on I-45 has a documented history of serving alcohol to drunk and underage persons and tolerates a wide range of crime on the premises.

The document adds that at least 90 people have been arrested at the business since it opened and notes that law enforcement has responded to numerous calls regarding shootings, assaults, aggravated robberies, narcotics, and other crimes.

The DA’s motion also underscores several violent incidents, including one that, according to the DA’s news release, occurred in January 2015 when an off-duty officer who was working on the weekend as security shot and killed a patron who pointed a gun at him in the parking lot.

Additionally, the motion indicates that back in May a drunk driver directly across the roadway from Bombshells crashed into a Houston Police car that was shielding another accident.

According to the document, the motorist was wearing a wrist band from Bombshells and admitted to having been there that evening.

The DA’s news release noted that the goal of the prosecutors is to have the establishment closed for being a “nuisance” and for violating the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

The Bombshells location named in the motion is owned by BMB Dining Services, and is independent of other Bombshells located in Harris County.

The next step is a temporary injunction hearing June 29 in which evidence, including witnesses, would be presented for a judge.

You can read the District Attorney’s motion here: