UPDATE: Guatemalan Children Injured In Volcano Eruption Are Being Treated In Galveston

The children were brought to the hospital Thursday morning from Guatemala by the U.S. military

Six children injured in the eruption of a Guatemalan volcano are in intensive care at the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, where they are being treated for what doctors describe as severe burns.

The children were brought to the hospital Thursday morning from Guatemala by the U.S. military after they were burned by ash clouds, doctors said.

“I’d have to say maybe we should rely on some of our colleagues in other hospitals,” Dr. Steven Wolf said at a press conference when asked about the facility accepting more patients affected by the volcano eruption.

Wolf said he expects the total cost of treating the children to reach millions of dollars per patient. Shriners Hospitals provide care for patients without an expectation that they will pay for the services, he said.

The children are expected by hospital staff to remain at there for months. Wolf said it will take years for the children to recover, and they may fly back and forth between Guatemala and the United States for care in the future.


A U.S. Air Force C-17 has carried six Guatemalan children who were badly burned in a volcanic eruption to Texas for treatment. The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala says they’ll be treated at the Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston.

The children were among the victims of Sunday’s eruption of the Volcano of Fire, which buried nearly villages in superheated ash and debris. Guatemalan officials say that 99 people are confirmed dead, with many more still missing.


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