HISD Police To Form Unit To Respond To Emergencies

The plan comes in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting

Pastors, police officers and school district officials announce the annual ‘Project Safe Start’ to ensure a smooth transition into students’ summer break

The Houston Independent School District’s police department is developing an emergency response team.

HISD police Chief Paul Cordova made the announcement a little over two weeks after the Santa Fe High School shooting.

The plan hasn’t materialized yet, but Cordova said the team’s members will be ready to deploy at moment’s notice.

“We want them spread out throughout the city,” he said, “so that the chance are of them being able to respond quickly and effectively would be maximized.”

Cordova said it will not be a SWAT team but its members will be trained on how to respond to emergencies, like a school shooting, and have safety and medical equipment on them.

They will be stationed primarily near areas with high call volumes.

The chief expects the team to be fully operational by August.

Meanwhile, for the last week of classes, the Houston Police Department said it has increased patrols around schools.

It’s part of the annual “Project Safe Start” and in addition to the heightened presence after the Santa Fe High School shooting.


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