Deadline For Protesting State Property Tax Hikes Is May 15

News 88.7 looks at how the process of filing a tax protest works in Harris County

Some homeowners across the country are rushing to pay their 2018 property taxes well before the due date because the new Republican tax law overhaul could affect how much they are allowed to deduct next year.

If you’re a Texas homeowner and think your latest state property tax assessment is too high, there’s still time to file a protest and try to get it lowered. But the deadline is coming up fast — Tuesday May 15.

Harris County residents can file a protest online with the Harris County Appraisal District or in person at HCAD’s main office in Northwest Houston. There’s also the option of hiring a property tax consultant.

Not a Harris County resident? Find how to file a protest with your county’s appraisal district here: