Road Closures Around Woodway Area On Friday Due To Barbara Bush’s Public Repose

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Chief Art Acevedo (center) explained how HPD will handle mobility on Friday, April 20, the day when Barbara Bush’s public repose will take place in the Woodway area, located west of downtown Houston.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced Thursday that there will be road closures in the Woodway area –located in the west section of the city– starting on Friday morning due to the public repose for former First Lady Barbara Bush.

During a news briefing held at the Houston Police Department (HPD) headquarters, Acevedo detailed the road closures will start around 9 a.m.

Acevedo added that, between 9 and 10 a.m., only area residents and business owners needing access to the Woodway area will be allowed to go beyond the road closures.

Mrs. Bush’s public repose is scheduled to take place between noon and midnight on Friday at St. Martin’s Church, which is located at 717 Sage Road.

The HPD chief explained that people who wish to attend the public repose will previously have to be screened at the Woodway campus of the Second Baptist Church, located at 6400 Woodway Drive.

From there, people attending the public repose will have to get on METRO shuttle buses that will transport them to St. Martin’s Church, starting at 11:30 a.m.

Acevedo emphasized there will be no photography allowed at the public repose. Additionally, no large bags, no backpacks and no weapons “of any type”, including knives and pocket knives, will be permitted at the public repose.

The HPD chief also noted that access to the Woodway area will be closed starting at midnight, when the repose will have ended.

Acevedo anticipated that the Woodway area would reopen on Saturday around 1:30 or 2 p.m.


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