Arkema Chemical Plant Faces Another Lawsuit Over Harvey Chemical Spill

Liberty County follows Harris County as well as individual residents and first responders who sued Arkema

File photo of September 8, 2017 shows a fire at the Arkema chemical company in Crosby, Texas.

Liberty County has filed a lawsuit against Arkema Inc. When Hurricane Harvey hit the region, the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby flooded. As a result, fires broke out and wastewater tanks overflowed.

In its lawsuit, Liberty County claims this contaminated areas inside the county.

“The county wants Arkema to clean up any type of residual contamination from the fire and explosions,” said Muhammad Aziz, who represents the plaintiffs.

He said residents as far as five miles from the plant suffered symptoms, such as coughing and vomiting.

Liberty County is asking for penalties of up to $25,000 per day of non-compliance.

In a statement, Arkema said the lawsuit “unfairly accuses” the company for something it could not foresee. It also says no environmental standards were exceeded in soil or water outside the property.

Harris County is also suing Arkema over the spills, as are residents and first responders in separate lawsuits.


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