Houston Appoints New Public Safety And Homeland Security Chief

Someone new is responsible for protecting Houston during natural disasters and major emergencies

George T. Buenik, behind the lectern, is named director of the Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, right.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has appointed former police administrator George T. Buenik, who recently worked as security auditor for the Houston Texans.

“George has managed large-scale events including the Super Bowl, Major League baseball and NBA All-Star games and the NCAA Final Four and the World Series,” said Turner.  

Buenik will oversee Homeland Security, and help coordinate safety at public events.

“Use our intelligence information, doing proper follow up. The other thing is we follow things in patterns — we made some adjustments on some of our large events as a result of some of the trucks driving through where we have large crowds,” said Buenik.  

Buenik will oversee the 911 call center and will coordinate hurricane and flood response. He replaces Dennis Storemski, who is retiring after 52 years.


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