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President Trump Asks For Contributions To Have Donors’ Names Displayed During State Of The Union Speech

If you donate to Trump’s campaign, your name will appear during a live broadcast of the speech



President Trump is planning a bipartisan pitch to Congress with his first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address Tuesday night. Trump aims to boost funding for his 2020 re-election campaign, promising to display the names of campaign donors during a live broadcast of the speech.

Monday, January 29, Trump sent a text message to this supporters telling them that if they donated, their name would appear on the livestream of the State of the Union address:

"The State of the Union speech is not about me. It's about YOU. Which is why I will have the names of every supporter who contributes today broadcast during my speech on the Official DJT for President Livestream!," the pitch for a contribution reads. "Enough of the Fake News Media. It's time for them to hear from the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Show how many Americans are dedicated to our movement! Contribute NOW and add your name to my Official List."

“Even if you choose to only give $1, the proof of your support will send shock waves around the world as they see every American who proudly stands behind our President,” said the campaign email. “So before the speech, make your contribution of just $1 to have it displayed right under the livestream of the President’s State of the Union.”
Supporters can give to the campaign in $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or $2,700 increments, the largest amount allowed by federal election law.
Donors who click on the form have to supply their name, address, phone number, workplace, occupation and credit card number.

The State of the Union is scheduled for 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday.



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