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Full Show: Houston Symphony Wins A Grammy, And What Houston Will Be Like By Its Bicentennial (Jan. 29, 2018)

On Monday’s Houston Matters: We learn about the Houston Symphony’s Grammy Award. We explore what Houston might look like by its bicentennial in 2036. We learn about the organization that evolved into NASA. And we catch up on Houston sports.

On Monday’s Houston Matters: The Houston Symphony is now a Grammy-award winning orchestra. The win, for a live opera recording, is a first in the Symphony's 104-year history. We talk with the recording’s co-producer Brad Sayles about what the award means for our hometown symphony orchestra.

Also this hour: Children born this year will graduate high school in 2036. That’s Houston’s bicentennial year — the 200th anniversary of our city’s founding. So what kind of city will be by then? What kinds of opportunities and challenges will exist for those young people in the class of 2036? And what can be done to make that future better for our city? A series of conversations happening over the next few months, called Dialogue Houston, addresses just that.

Plus: Houston has been known as Space City, of course, because of NASA’s presence here. But — but before NASA and Space City — there was the NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, NASA’s predecessor. We learn more about the agency that evolved into NASA. And we discuss the latest developments in Houston Sports with Jeff Balke.

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