Party Politics, National Edition Ep. 42: Ladies And Gentlemen We Had A Shutdown!

“In effect Congress is run like an unruly preschool” – Brandon Rottinghaus, co-host of Party Politics, on a talking stick being thrown and lawmakers behaving badly during talks before the shutdown.

The U.S. Capitol is seen as lawmakers worked to avert a government shutdown Friday in Washington, D.C

Time to talk Party Politics with co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus.

On tap this week: 

  • U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is interviewed by Robert Mueller
  • V.P Mike Pence in Israel

  • A Pennsylvania gerrymandering case
  • Hawaii false missile alert!  Governor couldn’t remember password to Twitter account to notify folks 
  • Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth is pregnant! 
And finally, Brandon and Jay talk about what happened during those days when the government completely shutdown. Listen to our weekly Texas-centered episode too, you can subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts. Tweet us using #PartyPoliticsPod or email partypoliticspod@houstonpublicmedia.org. 

Party Politics is produced by Edel Howlin and our audio engineer is Todd Hulslander.


This article is part of the Party Politics podcast

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