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Exiled: The Last Days Of Sam Houston

While Sam Houston stands very tall in Texas history, it’s easy to forget that he spent his final years in exile and was viewed by many as a traitor. Author Ron Rozelle talks about his book, which chronicle’s those often-forgotten years of Houston’s life.


Sam Houston is a complicated figure. Of course, he's a legend in Texas history having led the fight for independence, serving as president of the Republic of Texas, later as governor and US Senator, and – of course – as the namesake of our beloved city.

But, despite such accomplishments, Houston spent the waning days of his life in self-imposed exile in the pines of East Texas. Why?

Ron Rozelle focuses on those final years of Houston's life in his book Exiled: The Last Days of Sam Houston.

Rozelle talks with Houston Matters about the twilight years of a Texas legend.

Author Ron Rozelle
Michael Hagerty
Ron Rozelle is the author of Exiled: The Last Days of Sam Houston.