Party Politics, Special Live Edition Ep. 37: Voting, Freedom Of Speech And Lone Star College Tomball

“Everyone says everything is bigger in Texas, that is not true when it comes to voting” – Brandon Rottinghaus, co-host of Party Politics, on low voter turnout in Texas, about 43% in 2016.

Watch the taping of Party Politics live at Lone Star College Tomball courtesy of Antonio Perez, Maria Moreno, and Emily Ponce.

Party Politics co-hosts Brandon Rottinghaus and Jay Aiyer were invited to tape the podcast in front of a live audience at Lone Star College Tomball, Texas. The hot topics were free speech and voting. Brandon and Jay went into great depth on how both things have intersected this past year and why they matter, then they took questions from the audience.

This is a special episode of the podcast and we hope you enjoy it! 

Party Politics is produced by Edel Howlin and audio magic is brought to you by engineer Todd Hulslander