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Google Releases Its Most-Searched Terms In 2017: Harvey Is In The U.S. Top 10

What caught everyone’s interest this year? Hurricanes, sexual misconduct allegations, Netflix shows, beauties and beasts, cryptocurrencies and, of course, politics.

This has been an interesting year, to say the least.

With the nation’s political climate becoming increasingly more divisive, devastating natural disasters, and the recent string of sexual assault allegations, people have had a lot to search in the past 12 months, globally and in the United States.

Google released its annual list of most-searched terms covering from global to trends by country. According to the company, 2017 has been the year of “How”, with the biggest volume of searches starting with that word.




Here is Google’s list of the top 10 most searched topics in the country in 2017:



While these are the top searches in the US, Google has broken down their list into several specific categories, such as people, news, actors, and even protests.

Here are a few unique categories from Google’s ‘Year In Search 2017’:


People: Looks like those involved in sexual misconduct allegations, and politics, were the winners.


News: Hurricanes ruled when it came to news topics.


How to: We get it: Making slime has been trendy but there are many people out there still asking how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey!


Movies: And the Search Oscar goes to…


TV Shows: The most searched TV show happens to be a Netflix show.



What is: DACA, the executive order that allows young undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the country, created a lot if interest.


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