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Parties In White Oak Music Hall Lawsuit Request New Trial Date, Seeking “Possible Resolution”

The case is set to go to trial early next week

White Oak Music Hall. Photo Florian Martin | Houston Public Media.
White Oak Music Hall. Photo Florian Martin | Houston Public Media.

A lawyer for those suing White Oak Music Hall says his clients and the venue have requested a new trial date as they seek “a possible resolution” to the case which was filed nearly a year ago. The case is supposed to go to trail Monday, December 11.

Residents of homes near the music venue have taken issue with the volume and lyrical content of shows performed outside. White Oak Music Hall has said decibel readings at the venue have complied with legal requirements and maintain that lyrical content is protected under freedom of speech.

The lawyer, Cris Feldman, declined to say more on what the resolution could be. Johnny So, a managing partner at White Oak Music Hall, said he had nothing further to add to Feldman’s statement.

A Harris County judge previously limited the venue to four outdoor shows before the trial. The judge has yet to rule on a new trial date.

"My clients, the people and the working families surrounding White Oak Music Hall, just want White Oak Music Hall to turn it down, and they haven't been doing that," Feldman told Houston Public Media earlier this year. So responded, saying "the assertion that we're not sympathetic to it or are not taking steps or are not turning it down by Mr. Feldman is just factually incorrect."