Houstonians Warm To Downtown High-Rise Living

A new downtown residential high-rise — Aris Market Square at Travis and Preston — has started leasing. This Hines property is part of a trend — and it’s not just luxury condos that are attracting people to the downtown area

Aris Market Square is the first downtown residential high-rise for Hines, and it comes with a garage, a pool deck overlooking Houston’s skyline, a pet parlor with grooming station and a restaurant. Tim Surratt with Greenwood King Properties said Houstonians are warming to the idea of high-rise living.

“It’s either a very young demographic, or they have come from other cities like New York, Chicago, and they’re used to living downtown. But we also have a lot Houstonians — kids have moved out, and that’s a big driving force,” Surratt said. 

Downtown has a lot more street activity than five years ago — more restaurants and nightlife. People can walk to games and concerts. Bob Eury with Central Houston said a tipping point had to be reached — enough people to support amenities, and enough amenities to attract more people.

“Walking through downtown at nine o’clock last night, you know, I can feel it! I mean it’s really perceptively different. And of course the more people you have, you can support the types of retail and restaurants and services demanded by residents,” said Eury. 

There’s now a downtown residential population of about 7,500, which Eury says is up considerably from ten years ago.


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