Senators Debate Republican Tax Plan

“When they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say rich, they mean taxpayer,” says Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Bernie Sanders to debate tax reform tonight during a CNN town hall

On the same day the Senate budget committee voted to move the Republican tax plan to a full Senate vote, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders squared off in a CNN “Town Hall” debate. While the 2016 Presidential candidates debated the tax reform alone back in October, Tuesday night Cruz was joined by South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, while Sanders was joined by Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bush moderated the debate.

Sanders continued with the Democratic party line that the plan will mostly benefit the very rich. "Fifty percent of the tax breaks in the house bill go to the top one percent. Sixty percent go to the top one percent in the Senate bill," Sanders said.

Cruz disagreed. "When they say rich, they mean taxpayer. Every time they say rich, they mean taxpayer,” he said. Cruz went a step further to say merely taxing the wealthy wouldn’t work.

“The very rich, there aren’t enough of them. You know Bernie ran for President, he rolled out a tax plan. If you took every person in America making over a million dollars and you taxed 100 percent of their income, you took every penny they earned, it would pay eight percent of the cost of Bernie’s tax plan.”

The GOP hopes the tax bill, which has already passed in the House of Representatives, will be put to a full vote in the Senate later this week.


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