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Astros Players Set World Series Share Record At $438,902

Major League Baseball said Monday the players’ pool was a record $84.5 million, up from $76.6 million last year and $69.9 million in 2015


Jose Altuve holds up the championship trophy after Game 7 of the ALCS against the New York Yankees Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017.

The value of a full postseason share on the World Series champion Houston Astros was worth a record $438,902 this year.

The previous mark was $388,606 for the 2014 San Francisco Giants. A full share declined to $370,069 for the 2015 Kansas City Royals and $368,872 for the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

Major League Baseball said Monday the players’ pool was a record $84.5 million, up from $76.6 million last year and $69.9 million in 2015.

Houston split $30.4 million into 60 full shares, 9.23 partial shares and four cash awards. Last year’s Cubs had 66 full shares, 8.7 partial shares and four cash awards.

A full share on the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost the Series in seven games, was worth $259,722. That was down from $261,805 for last year’s Cleveland Indians and $300,758 for the 2015 New York Mets, a record for a World Series loser.

Full shares were worth $138,898 for the New York Yankees, $133,159 for the Cubs, $40,977 for Arizona, $36,869 for Washington, $36,783 for Cleveland, $36,438 for Boston, $18,990 for Minnesota and $18,879 for Colorado.

The players’ pool included 50 percent of the gate receipts from the two wild-card games, and 60 percent from the first three games of each division series and the first four games of each league championship series and the World Series.


Here is a full breakdown of the postseason shares, from

Astros: Players’ pool $30,420,155.57; value of each full share $438,901.57

Dodgers: Players’ pool $20,280,103.72; full share $259,722.14

Cubs: Players’ pool $10,140,051.86; full share $133,159.02

Yankees: Players’ pool $10,140,051.86; full share $138,897.63

D-backs: Players’ pool $2,746,264.04; full share $40,976.78

Red Sox: Players’ pool $2,746,264.04; full share $36,438.21

Indians: Players’ pool $2,746,264.04; full share $36,782.68

Nationals: Players’ pool $2,746,264.04; full share $36,868.74

Rockies: Players’ pool $1,267,506.48; full share $18,878.74

Twins: Players’ pool $1,267,506.48; full share $18,990.36

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