Harvey Has Changed Holiday Plans In Houston

The holidays are in full swing, but families displaced by Harvey are still not back on their feet

Out in Baytown, Jessica Vass, her husband and three teenage kids are living out of storage boxes.

That’s because the entire first floor of their two story home is in the process of being remodeled due to the several inches of water their house took on during Hurricane Harvey.

Vass is having to rethink how she’ll get ready for Christmas this year.

“So I would be baking at this point, I would be baking preparing for the holidays,” she said. “That’s not happening. If I were to do a green bean casserole in my one casserole dish then I couldn’t do a sweet potato casserole. So I’m going to need to get some of those disposable tin things.”

Vass isn’t the only one having to change things up a bit.

The Houston Food Bank is providing more assistance than usual during the holidays.

“On a normal month we distribute 6 to 7 million pounds,” she says. “Going into November its been about two times what we normal distribute when it comes to pounds,” said Amy Ragan with the food bank.

She said the season of giving has taken on a whole new meaning.

On average, the Houston Food Bank gets help from 6,000 volunteers in a month but that has increased to 24,000 a month since Harvey.